Progressive Filter Cartridge (2 pack)

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The all new OEM Progressive Filter cartridge is for use in 2020, 2021 Arctic Spas Custom Series only.  (2-pack)


The simple yet amazingly effective system uses multiple layers of different filter medias to effectivley capture all sizes of particles found in spa water. For use on 2020, 2021 Summit XL, Summit, Tundra, Kodiak, Klondiker, Frontier, Yukon, Cub and Arctic Fox models.

The factory recommended setup is 1 High Flow and 1 Standard filter, this is how this bundle will ship.

The High Flow filter will go on the right hand side when you are facing the filter bucket from the outside of the hot tub.  Except the Kodiak, on the Kodiak it will go on the left.

** This filter will NOT fit a pre-2020 spa. For use in Custom series only.


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