IP67 Waterproof Tablet

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IP67 Wireless Waterproof Tablet with custom Arctic Spas Engraved Logo Badge



IP67 Wireless Waterproof Tablet with custom Arctic Spas Engraved Logo Badge

Includes protective carrying case with optional strap, screen protector, DC charging cord, USB wall adapter and USB cord. Features 8 MP camera, TF card slot, SIM card slot, headphone jack, USB port and DC charging port.

Pre-Installed apps include Netflix, YouTube, Google Play Store and the Arctic Spas App

Perfect for Bluetooth streaming to your spa's stereo or any Bluetooth speaker.

What exactly does an IP67 rating mean for electronic gadgets?

The IP in IP67 means "Ingress Protection." This code is published by the International Electrotechnical Commission (IEC) to rate the standard of protection offered by a gadget's enclosure.

The first number signifies the level of protection against external particles like dust and lint. The higher the number, the better the protection against tiny specks of material. This rating ranges from 0 (No protection) to 6 (tight protection from dust).


The second number is the degree of protection against water intrusion. Again, the higher the number, the better. This rating ranges from 0 (no protection from water whatsoever) to 8 (over 1-meter water depth immersion protection).

IP67 then affords the highest level of protection against dust and lint (represented by the first digit 6) and immersion protection of up to 1 meter (or about 3 feet) of freshwater for 30 minutes (represented by the second digit 7).

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